You Can Grow & Use Your Gifts With Us!


What gifts has God given you? Maybe you've never taken the time to seek Him and find out? Maybe you've been too afraid to step out because of past hurts? Maybe you've been too proud to act in faith and risk looking foolish?


In what way do you think God is asking you to step out in faith and grow in Jesus Christ? God wants you to blossom into who He intends you to be, and we want to encourage you to fully pursue Him and His dreams for you!


Have you sensed God calling you to step out of your comfort zone? Don't ignore His voice and miss out on what Jesus will do when you love Him, have simple faith, and put action to His promises! He wants you to shine for His glory!


Remember, you don't have to be accomplished or even experienced at all to be used by the Lord. If He is calling you to step out it will be an act of faith on your part and it will be His power giving you the ability to do what it is you've been called to do. In other words, NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!


In addition to basic physical work, here are some ideas of how you might step out to bless the Lord and our church, and be blessed in return:


  • Singing
  • Musical instruments
  • Love of children and or youth
  • Hospitality to strangers
  • Food preparation
  • Technology skills
  • Public speaking
  • Outdoor evangelism
  • Leading small groups
  • Artistic work
  • Overseas mission work

Our list is far from able to capture God's mind or plan for how He could use you in the Body of Christ, but we hope it will help you to seek His mind for you! Read the Bible and discover the joy of Jesus as your personal Lord and live a life of radical faith!



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